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What is the relation between spritual experiences and NDE or near death experiences. How they can affect one's health.

The spiritual practices have been done since thousands of yeras ego, mostly in all human society. The practices are diverse . The result though diverse but the ultimate finding is the same. The ultimate finding is ultimate truth about one's own spirit .

In normal days living , usually the body and mind take all attention and spirit is forgotten . But when all attention is focused on spirit very strange findings are found.

In the frame of body and mind , the individuality is and separation is very strong. The me the body andmind and the rest of the thousand things or people are separate. This is usual understanding. But when the spirit is sought , it gets clear that ten thousands things are nothing but that same spirit. The friends and enemies are nothing but from the same spirit.

The spirit is loving and kind to all. The spirit is life itself , undying and does not know how to die. The endless life, the spirit itself is very flexible and indestructible , unborn. The spirit is the ultimate truth or reality or existence . Nothing beyond it.

The substratum of the universe is this unborn and undying spirit.

People name it different in different societies. Allah, God, Jehova, Yahweh , Ahura Majda, The divine light, Eswar, Bhagaban, Dios, Dao, and many more. This naming does not matter at all, lest when understood the eternal spirit. The spirit is eternal as this is absolute. Nothing else is absolute. Time, space, function, restriction of so forth do not or can not bind it.

Religions always teach to worship this spirit. When looks through the ego or individuality , it looks aloof nf far distant entity . But the scriptures always tells that the spirit is too near or nearest to any being or anything so far exists.

If looks sincerely with scientific understanding , scientists

  1. The material world is not made of material at all, but deposits of energy. The atoms and sub-molecular particles are vibrating energy patterns. So the visible tangible universe is just an expression of energy, which is well arranged in different forms and shapes. So there is no true material at all. The whole universe is but energy. The whole energy is vibration in a field. The field of consciousness. The consciousness is the ever-living spirit, unborn. The consciousness vibrates in its own will and emanates energy. The minuscule tornadoes of energy feel like or behave like particles. They are the building block of the material universe. The source of all different types of energy is nothing but consciousness, which is life itself.

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