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Updated: Sep 17, 2022

The heading does not mean you will not take medication when sick , it means if you follow certain rules you will need mostly no medicine or bare minimum to keep yourself healthy, happy and active naturally.

We all are blessed with a great consciousness, body and mind . The life means the ultimate pure consciousness is acting through every cell of your body . Your every cell few trillions cells are conscious and held memory . The body and mind has autonomous activity to keep you healthy , happy and active. Naturally they work with harmony with the self, the other cells and the outside nature and environment . A health person has got great capability to adopt with environment.

Health person means the body , the mind and the consciousness, the life force is acting in harmony with natural rhythm.

Sickness are two kinds : Acute and chronic .

ACUTE : sudden susceptibility to life threatening agents , causes, reasons. But this is sudden outburst of chronic situation underneath .

CHRONIC : The disease which comes back and has got no tendency to cure and continue over a period of more than six months or so. The underlying sick chronic conditions with poor inheritance and poor environment keeps the chronic disease on.

Then why do we fell sick ? We fell sick when the protocol or law of health is violated by any means.

Falling sick are due to few reasons . You must be aware about these points . So you can consciously choose health and avoid sickness and medication. Your consciousness is your wealth and health.

  1. First reason of unhealthy practices, Not abiding by natural health rules . Simple wisdom of body and mind is : Eat when hungry , sleep when sleepy. Do not over et and do not over sleep. So simple . But think how many of us do that ? People always tends to override the limit of eating , sleeping, resting. Digestive diseases, IBS , ulcers, cancer can grow from indiscipline of food and sleep habits.

  2. Purity of mind: A good healthy person is pure in mind. Good thinking helps you keep healthy. Harmful thoughts towards self and others cause unhealthy reaction and agent in body and mind. Example : Jealous people grow snake venom in their body which makes them fall sick . The proof is simple , the snake venom is the best remedy for selfish , envious , jealous patients .

  3. Restlessness of mind is mother of many diseases. Emotional downturn is a main cause of many chronic diseases. When the emotions are not balanced ,health deteriorates. Anger is natural cause of many diseases. It can cause high blood pressure , increases risk of stroke. It causes serious restlessness in the body and mind. Restlessness is mother of all diseases. Calm and quite mind is the place of peace and health . Likewise many negative emotions causes depression and finally health is badly affected.

  4. The pure consciousness, the source of life and health is Love. Love is very natural for all living and non-living , for each and every particle. The whole nature is tied up in harmony of love. When we fall from this position and grow hate in our mind , we fall from healthy position . Health means healthy body and healthy mind. A healthy mind is helpful, kind, active and woks in harmony with natural laws. healthy person has a natural tendency to do something good to self, other and to the world . Love is very natural for every heart and soul . When mind pick up hate , the natural place of health falls. When one restore love again , the health is restored back . Forgive others unconditionally to free your mind and body from all unhealthy hitches. Love is life.

  5. Environment : Everything in the universe is interdependent to each other. Humans are dependent to environment . When we are susceptible to poor environment , polluted environment , we fall sick . Polluted food and water is so dangerous for natural health . Good air to breath, good water to drink and unadulterated and non-poisonous food to eat . The food with insecticide is very detrimental for natural health . Adulterated food is dangerous for health and wellbeing. The old, rotten , expired food are bad for health.

  6. Choosing non-food than food . Drug, alcohol and all prohibited chemicals intake, hash, heroine, crystal meth , all hallucination causing drugs are really dangerous for natural wellbeing and health .

  7. Inheritance of diseased gene. Everyone receive the good and bad gene from parents and generation high up. The sick parents and forefather transmit the sick gene , unfortunately the person has got no choice here. But all bad gene does not flourish until get a favorable sickness cultivating environment. Example : the cancer parents children will not get cancer if they are not susceptible to cancer growing environment.

  8. Bad life style or bad habits : this is main cause of adopted diseases. Adulterated sexual behavior are one of the main reason for very deep chronic diseases . Gonorrhoea, syphilis , Aids and many more killer diseases are acquired diseases from bad life style.

  9. TRAUMA , POISONING : Accident, incident , poisonings , drug induced poisons and disease. There are hell lot of drugs in the market place which helps in one way and harms in many ways as side effects. So when a person is taking these kinds of agents , very soon her or his natural health will be in jeopardy.

  10. Poor immune system : In one word the root cause of chronic disease are poor immune system. The good immune system need to address all above 9 points.


1. BUILD AGREAT IMMUNE SYSTEM : Poor immune system causes attack of detrimental virus bacteria and unhealthy microorganisms. Keep your immune system boosted up . How to boost immune system . Itself it is a great chapter to discuss. Below all other points helps to boos immune system .

2. CALM MIND , MEDITATE : the restless mind is the mother of many diseases. The natural remedy or antidote is calm mind. How to calm mind? Its simple. Meditation !

How to do meditation . There are lots of ways to meditate . Simply sit , relax, breath deep and close eyes and stay calm . The mind will be firing with thoughts . Just allow and do not resist anything . Soon the tornado of mind will calm and you will feel peace . You will feel that because peace is the very natural state of calm mind.

Prayers also help to calm mind. People who do regular prayers are more strong and stable in the face of difficulty and challenges.

Surrender the mind to God.

Surrender the mind to whatever is!

Surrender what happens , accept unconditionally.

Then try to improve bit by bit , Japanese call it KOSHU KAI ZEN. Improve bit by bit.

3. EATING HABIT : Eat when hungry . Sleep when sleepy. These are natural instincts and to be followed. You will have very less diseases. Choose healthy food from unhealthy . Try to eat fresh , sooner it has been cooked . Foods are three types: LIVE , SEMI LIVE and dead.

LIVE Foods: Sprouts , Salads, legumes, nuts , fresh fruits which are eaten raw in natural state. They are full of life, phyto nutrients, vitamins, minerals and bio electric charges .

SEMI LIVE : the cooked food is semi lived. Rice, floor, bread, curries, meat , fish , oil.

Dead food is : all life force in it is altered by refining , processing and decomposing or preserving . Highly fried and altered , like the refined oil , refined floor, refined rice, refined sugar etc. The real nutrition and preventive materials are discarded in refining process and bio electric charges or capacity to rct with oxygen insulin reduces drastically .

NON FOOD : Alcohol, drugs, sugar laden drinks etc , are non food and very adverse effect on health . Sugar is such a bad poison like thing for general health and wellbeing and major item for causing inflammation in the body.

EAT live food , with pack of nutrients .

Avoid dead food , non foods , eat more live foods and semi-live fresh foods for great immune system. Eat more greens and colorful salads and vegetables. Do not eat refined oil. Eat natural pressed unrefined oils. This is most important to avoid diabetes and cancer.

3. EXERCISE DAILY : Sedentary life style, laziness, sitting whole day in front of computer , study long hours without movement can cause sickness. Get up from sit at least hourly to allow blood flow easily . Exercise regularly can keep you fit and healthy and bloom with life force.

Simple walking is great exercise . Walk 30-40 min daily . walk more , at the end of the year you will be walking 3000 miles ! your unnecessary fats will give up .

Swimming , cycling , aerobics, free hand exercise , sit ups, martial arts, running around can keep your metabolism in perfect shape. So move up , do exercise. Give up a lazy life. Come to great life . Enjoy and give something good to the world.

4. EMOTION AND MIND SET : Grow loving , kind, forgiving mind set. Grow your consciousness to charity, love , kindness , helping , loving mind. Mind set has direct influence on emotions. Great mind give rise great thoughts. Great thoughts are source of great emotions.

Example : If you are thinking about hating someone , your emotion will be bad, sad, hateful and immediately will give you bad unhealthy sensation in the body. Whenever poor thoughts try to occupy mind, take care , look into it , consciously discard the poor wrong negative thoughts. It will save you lot of money and award you great health.

5. GET RID OF BAD HABITS : Bad habit are worse disease causing habits. Womanizing , pornography, drugs, alcohol, smoking tobacco, all are direct hazard to life. If you are in these habits , give up right now. Your strong mind has got the capacity to get rid of these. Your willingness is enough. Man can do many things when he willed so. You are very strong inside , you have no idea about. Inside you living a great consciousness , your real identity , which does not die, no one can destroy it. Death cant do any harm to it. Your real identity is that . You re strong !

You can do it ! Just you need to be conscious, will it and ask for it.

6. CHRONIC TRTAMENTS : Avoid all drugs which help you one way and harm in another. Read all side effects of the medicines prescribed for you . Ask or discuss with your doctor for side effects . They can help you be aware about medications.

Remember over medication itself is a poison.

Use minimum medication , do more mediation, healthy practices, healthy foods, drinks. there is no healthier drink than simply fresh water.

Consider discussing , consulting a homeopath to address your chronic situation by minimum medication.

After doing all health practices, like , exercise, medication, good habits , still if you suffer some chronic disturbances, please seek help of a good homeopath , who can really hep you remove your many chronic issues with small amount of medicine from natural resources. Homeopathy is great nano-medicine , even finer than nano. It really help you alter many chronic conditions for better.

7. Actively take part in welfare , kindness, social helpful works , volunteering for great cause. Helping others is helping yourself. You will find out soon. Whatever you give other , will comeback to you by some other means. Nature has got one mind , though 10 thousand materials are different , there is one mind behind everything. Behind your personal ideas and mind , there is an witnessing universal mind. When your personal mind give up , you get in touch with your real universal , calm , peaceful, healthy mind. That health of your spirit no one can touch , destroy or harm.

Naturally you are very healthy, happy, peaceful . You have altered it by your personal misleading, mistaken conception and mind. Rectify that false mind and everything around will fall in place for you .

Stay blessed ! Stay healthy !! Stay happy !!

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