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Magic of Digitalis

When the water clogged in heart and in liver and other organs of the body ,

Coughing, slow pulse, less than 45 /min, jaundice. The patient looks terrible.

The water clogged heart , lung , liver . Digitalis can be the great ready to recover the case.

When heart and liver affected together . Digitalis is the remedy .

Here the heart rate or pulse is slow . If the pulse is quick , it's not digitalis .

CASE : WOMAN AGE 65 . Doctor found heart and liver edematous . Jaundice. No appetite Very weak. Cough and cold. Pulse 46 . Slow pulse.

The digitalis Q , 5 drops in 4 spoon of water , twice daily. In three days the edema was less.

In a week she is fine again.

KEY : The heart and liver edema together with jaundice. Digitalis is magic.

The pathological test was very helpful to resolve the case.

#alternativepreventivetreatment #Digitalis #casestudy

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