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Keys of Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedy study is very interesting. Many symptoms are common with many remedies. How do you know which one will work best? Though every remedy have many symptoms, each remedy has very characteristic key symptom. If you know the key correctly, its become simple to apply and the striking results follow.

To know the key of the remedies is very important learning in homeopathy. Without becoming through with the very key of the remedies , one will be beating the bush with frustration.

We can discuss some of the KEY of the common remedies to know them by heart.

We can discuss 6 important day to day remedies for example.

ARNICA MONTANA: The key is BRUISE. This is the key. The bluish discoloration, pain and bruise is the real place of Arnica Montana. Mechanical injury is another key. If you see bruise with mechanical pain Arnica will restore balance very quickly.

In very old pain, if the reason is mechanical like accident, got hurt while pulling, lifting, playing. Arnica Mont can be great medicine to cure. This is not simply a pain remover, it helps reestablish the circulation by removing clots. It does a great job for the patient. It prevent growth of cancer of the tissues in later chapter, otherwise it could be a risk.

After many years of accident, it can be used successfully. The old man shouts to little Johnny, 'Stay away, stay back, don't come close to me.' The pain is such that he or she does not appreciate to be touched anymore or even a child coming closer is unbearable.

They cant think anything penetrating their body. Arnica patient says "I am fine when very sick''. Just to avoid doctor's intervention. That something will penetrate their body is a unbearable thought. The Arnica patient prefer to be unmarried whole life.

If the pain is too much 10M can be given even in single pill with good response.

Example CASE 1: Male , age 42, a ship captain by profession, was hurt in the chest while playing football. The chest pain was severe. He used all modern pain killer but pain came back again and again, distressing him.

I gave him 1 pill Arnica Mont 10 M, shaken in 3 ml water bottle. One single dose. He asked, do you think it will work, because many strong pain killers failed.

I just smiled and said, it will.

Next day he called and said its amazing, the pain is gone. How does it work? Its really magic. A single pill and a single dose can do this!

When the pain is caused by mechanical means, the medicine is amazing.

CASE 2: The girl age 20, twisted her knee and could not walk with severe pain. Hospital fixed the knee back to position but it was tender and swollen for more that 2 weeks, despite of all modern medicines and pain killers. But the situation was bizarre. The bluish discoloration was unfeeling to see.

This is striking symptom of Arnica Mont , the key symptom. I did not delay to give Arnica 200.

With the amazement of patients family , the knee recovered in three days.

CALENDULA OFFICINALIS: The marigold. Its the remedy of cut. Wash the injured ( cut) place with calendula for quick healing and avoiding infection. The cut place heals very quickly. After bandage or stitching Hypericum or Ledum and Arnica after bleeding stops.

Strontium Carb stops bleeding quickly. Even surgeons can use this Strontium Carb to stop bleeding quickly while doing incision. This is antiseptic remedy. External use for ANTISEPTIC and healing agent.

BRYONIA ALBA: The key is slight movement causes pain and suffering. If the patient remain motionless and unmoved, no problem at all. Slightest movement aggravates the symptoms. Bryonia is the medicine. The disease can be any named disease, it does not matter.

Say, a case of appendicitis. The patient is lying still and no pain , but slightest movement causing sever pain, even talking is also unbearable. This is Bryonia.

EXAMPLE: Patient was on his routine exercise. He had serious catch at the right side of the chest. Slightest movement was causing sever pain. But If stayed in that certain position without movement nothing was happening. Slightest movement causing severe pain.

O, its Bryonia. He took Bryonia 3 pills of Bryonia 200. About 20 minutes the pain was gone.

RHUS TOX : Restlessness is the key. They cant find the position to rest. Rest aggravates all symptoms. It is just opposite of Bryonia. The movement feels better, sitting down or rest is unbearable. Movement is very good. Motion, massage, squeezing the muscles etc feels very good. They can not sit quietly on a train seat. They start massaging and moving he limbs otherwise it pains.

They love doing massages. Rhus tox is their friend.

NUX VOMICA : Irritability is the key. The nervous irritability. When you get the irritability , use Nux Vomica. Irritable bowel syndrome, use nux vomica. They are such irritable that bowel also does not clear at one time.

They are very ambitious and very hard working avarice people. Nose congestion is very common symptom. They are irritable and really egoistic congested people. Lot of congestion in all levels of mind and body.

They are over worked and the brain is irritable the center of all nerves. They do perform many mental works and get irritable. Sound, light, horn aggravates. Morally its a medicine for very serious studious students who are highly competitive.

A good remedy for irritable gastritis.

EXAMPLE: MAN age 42, Very angry person. Very active. Avarice , ambitious , nervous , irritable. Shouting in home, making mess in home with others. Bladder irritable. Bowel irritable, nose congestion.

Nux Vom: 200 , resolve the case. It was relapse after 3 month. One more dose. That was good for next 6 months. Then one more does Nux Vom 1 M. He is peaceful since then.

PULSATILLA: They are just opposite of Nux vomica. Flowing water, blood, tears, menses feels good. They love to cry for everything. A bit of crying will make them feels good. The changeability is very key. They cry and laugh in quick succession. They can't explain their complains without crying. This is remedy to resolve hormone imbalance.

Any liquid flows out of body, they feels very good. Any flow stops they feels bad.

EXAMPLE: The girl bleed while crying or sweating. But she says she feels good when this blood flows away from body. It is strange! and striking. Use pulse and see the changes. Amazing results will follow.

EXAMPLE: School girl, age 6. She cries every morning for no reason. The father was alarmed but the maid says sir not worry she just cry once in a day and remain good for rest of the day. The father was puzzled and shared this to me.

O its Puls baby!

She was given 1 dose of Puls 200. She stopped crying. Mood was good afterwards.

EXAMPLE: Lady, age 36, mother of 3. Suffering from excessive menstruation. She made the gynaes mad and lost lot of money to hospitals. She was scared, got cancer or something.

She was given medicine to stop bleeding, HAMAMELIS. Bleeding stopped immediately but she reported feeling bad. Huh.

O that's Pulsetilla!

Pulsetilla 200 , 3 doses, cured her since, two years passed without any complaints.

Homeopathy is the magical medicines. Just know the key and apply appropriate place. It will not let you down.

Its not very difficult to diagnose. All remedies have mental, emotional mind symptoms and physical symptoms.

Get very clearly two mental symptoms and two physical symptoms, you can make a solid workable prescription. The symptoms has to be correct and true, no place of imagination here.

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