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Life is beautiful , joyful, exciting happy and blissful. But you need to be healthy to experience that.

The sickness is just the momentary shadow over the beautiful expression of life.

As a homeopathic physician I just remove the shadows of sickness with my best endeavor, to restore the beauty , joy and happiness again to my fellow sufferers.

Some of our sufferings are created by our own hands , some of it is inflicted by nature.

Conscious acts can stop recurring self made troubles. The natural calamities we accept and try our best to negotiate with all our intelligence and wisdom.

A person is complete with physical , mental, emotional and spiritual : all four aspects together.

Any imbalance anywhere will affect others. The well being follows when all four aspects are balanced.

Also human being is very dependent on the environment. With the clean life friendly environment health can flourish. Poor environment has poor impact on health. We are like an unit with our environment. Cutting off from environment , human can't survive.

What we think, what we do, what we eat and drink, what we believe , what we understand all have impact on health.

If you follow few simple practices , you might not need to see doctors now and then .

If you have chronic condition , you might need to see your homeopath to get rid of those conditions permanently. Homeopathy cures gently , quickly and permanently. It cures : this is important.

While uplifting your immunity with homeopathic medicines , same time if you follow the simple health tips , it will be lot of advantage to cure the disease and get rid of the conditions.

As I say awareness is health. Be aware of these small practices. Many difficult or complex problems will not come to you. You can lead a happy , healthy, joyful life.

Prophet Moses asked God , If you are a human , what would you ask to God.

God said, ' I would ask good health'.

Good health is a great gift from God Almighty. This is understood when the health is lost.

People lose their health to gain wealth , then they are ready to lose wealth to gain health.

A balance is much wise way to negotiate health and wealth. For our unawareness we are caught up most of the time with various health issues, which could be simply avoided by simple practices.

Health awareness itself is health. Unconscious living leads to unnecessary health troubles which could be simply avoided by conscious practices.

Still we shall have unavoidable circumstances to deal with life.

Simple general practices , can make you healthy and maintain health for long many years without issues.


1. Drinking water about 600 ml daily morning after getting up in empty stomach. This simple practice has got lot of advantages. The digestive tracts gets cleaned and ready . The bowel moves easily, the kidneys function optimize. The kidney can wash the toxins efficiently. All healthy people should practice this to upkeep their health.

One of the Japanese experiment shows , this practice alone can remove many difficult health issues.

Water washes the toxins away from your body rejuvenating every cell. Refreshing the whole organism.

Exception: Those who already have edema can not drink so much , please take your doctors advise.

2. Drinking enough water in a day , at least three (3) liters for a moderate built person. There should be enough clear urine to flush the body toxins. When urine color is yellow or dark , means definite shortage of water. Remain hydrated whole day.

Before going to sleep also can drink one glass of water.

Drinking water before food is better . After food should allow about forty minutes before drinking water. Hot water is much better for good digestion. Avoid drinking cold frozen waters.

3. Avoid drinking by standing. Drink always by sitting.

Drinking by standing is a problem for stomach, kidney and heart health and arthritis.

Stomach damage :when we stand and drink water, it flows easily and in great volume down the food canal and splashes onto the lower stomach wall. This splash damages the stomach wall and the nearby organs. Long term practice disturbs the digestive system and further causes heartand kidney problems.

Kidney damage : water intake while standing lets the water pass through kidneys with a push without much filtration. This may cause impurities to gather in the bladder or in blood. Now kidneys ,bladder and heart are at stake.

Arthritis : if water is taken while standing it disturbs the balance of other body fluids. Ultimately it also affects the joint regions and cause deficiency of required fluids in joints. This results in joint pains known as arthritis.

4. Mild hot water drinking is good , but not immediately after food intake.


5. Do not drink too much coffee , tea etc. Green tea is good. Coffee itself is a medicine. Coffee drinkers grow nervous irritability and sleeping difficulty.

Avoid condense milk in tea, coffee etc. The condense milk can give rise of gout and unbearable pain.

6. Avoid drinking alcohol. Its a great health hazard. People think they get relaxed with alcohol drinking . But it intoxicate over time , leaving behind unhealthy organism.


1. Food to be taken in moderation. If hungry eat , if not hungry , do not eat. Do not pressurize the stomach.

Best way of eating is fill up one part liquid , one part solid , one part empty.

This single practice alone can ensure your digestive tract health for life long.

2. Chew food well before swallowing. Take your time enjoy the food. Do not hurry. People have tendency to shave in mouth quickly and swallow. This can cause tumor in long run in the body. The nutrition will not be properly absorbed for not chewing properly. Eat slowly with small quantity.

Do not eat while walking on roads. Allow relax time for taking your food . Practice gratitude while taking food.

3. Fresh made food is better than preserved food. Fill you plate with more vegetables, salads, than meat, fish and carbohydrate.

4. Always eat fruit before food , not after food. The fruits gives alkaline effect on the body. After food we need acidic environment not alkaline juice. After food small quantity of sweet can give acidic advantage and good digestion.

5. Avoid deep fried food. Deep fried food forms acrylamide while high temperature cooking of starchy food such as baking , roasting , deep frying. Its a carcinogen.

Acrylamide is also found in cigarette smoke also.

6. Finish dinner early. Three to four hours before sleep is better. Its not good at all to sleep just after eating. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD can come from immediate sleeping after dinner. Walk at least 40 steps to avoid GERD at night.

If feel hungry at night , eat something light.

7. Avod : unhealthy foods. Avoid burnt foods, preserved foods , process meats, refined foods, refined oils, non-foods, deep fried foods. Avoid extra salt and sugar.

8. Sugar and sweet is addiction and really damage health. Natural honey and molasses are good.

AVOID NIGHT WAKING : This night watching is very bad for digestive tract health. Specially the liver gets weak. Gastritis and acidity forms. The irritability comes. Nervousness comes. The digestion gets distorted. Then the virus, bacteria , worms come to clear off the undigested remnants. Avoid night watch by all means.

Early to bed and early to rise is the best practice.

SLEEP : Sleep enough . Sleep is rejuvenating to mind and body. It recreate and refresh the body. Modern man sleeps less, consumes more, suffers more.

Normal health 7 to 8 hrs sleep is good. Good deep sleep bring well being feeling in the body and mind.

Over sleeping and idleness to be avoided.


Do not spend time with TV . Walk in lieu. Walking is one of the best exercise for every aspect of your health. Simply enjoy the environment and keep on walking at least 40 minutes daily. Otherwise you have to fall prey to various diseases soon. Indolent life is not good life. Sedentary life style is a reason of diabetic population worldwide. Since TV has come , people walk less and less.

MEDITATION: Prayers and meditation helps you to sort out inner conflicts. Meditation relaxes your mind and body. The clarity of the mind follows. Self rejection subsides, The self love grows. The body and immune system does not conflict. Love for every being grows as acceptance grows. Even the auto-immune disorders gets settled back to normal. Autoimmune disorders patients have lot of sadness , hatred and self rejection inside. Meditation only can bring the mind back on tract.

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