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Awareness is health

Awareness is health. Delusions are diseases. Every chronic disease has delusions behind it. Delusion is the altered perception of truth. Human beings while operation through life, get caught with delusions. These delusions turn to diseases afterward. These are diseases that can not be easily negotiated by conventional medicines. The situation will recur again.

Homeopathy is a deep study of the human mind, body, diseases, and remedies in very practical hands-on ways.

All medical materials have a specific action on the human mind and body. When a medicine cause certain symptom in a healthy body. It cures the same symptom in a sick body.

For example: Nux vomica. It's a medicine of nervous irritability, anger, and thousand others. But the main theme is irritability.

A calm and peaceful person when takes this medicine in a substantial dose, feels irritability in body and mind. Though it goes away when dosing stops.

Now, if we find an irritable person, with nervous irritability, use the medicine in a small dose.

We can observe clearly, the irritability has gone.

This is an eternal truth for the human body and medical material. This truth was observed or discovered by DR. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany. He was a conventional brilliant doctor in his time, in charge of a mental asylum.

He observed medicines do much good but it does many bad effects as well to health. He was very conscious. He left the job and looking for a way, how to eradicate the side effects of medicines. He started translating books for a German university library. He came across certain writing about CHINCONA and its effect on malaria. He decided to try CHINCONA bark juices for himself. After few drop doses, he grew the exact symptom of malaria. He stopped dosing. The symptoms stopped. Then he dosed again. The symptoms came again. He was puzzled initially, what is happening!

He took again with the same result.

Out of this, what he understood turned history, changed the understanding of medical science, in a new way.

Whatever medicine causes a symptom in a healthy body, can cure the same symptom in a sick body.

The similar treatments are similar. A revolutionary way of treating the sick.

This does not mean the opposite can not bring a cure. The opposing also can cure, but the result turns violent.

I give an example.

A runaway train. How to stop it?

Two simple ways. Just stop it by forcing from the opposite side. The train will stop but irrecoverable damages will occur.

The other smart way is, run behind it at the same speed, clutch it, cut off the power, this will stop and in very much saved in repairable condition.

Homeopathy is the second way. A smart way of recovering health from sickness.

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