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Avoid refined food, save health

Refined foods looks nice, smart and shiny. But these foods are just good for looking but not for eating.

Refined sugar, refined flour, refined oil all are detrimental to health. The refining process discards the most nutritive part and refined product is poor health product.

Refined oil is a neutral oil. The bleaching, refining, deodorizing, heating and packaging increase the self life of the oil. Even many years it neither react with oxygen of air or nor gets spoiled. What is it? Is that not more plastic than food? Why should I eat plastic like things instead of food?

Just see, the unrefined oil, how it is negatively charged. The oil pulls the oxygen and react and get spoiled within 6 month in open. This is food and has capability to pull oxygen. When this unrefined cold press oil goes in the body , it can pull oxygen and help you get energy. The negatively charged unrefined oil is good for health. It can recognize the insulin in blood stream. The refined fats in the cell membranes does not make bond with insulin easily. Even the insulin is not recognized by the cell membranes which is mostly fat. When day after day people eat refined oil , insulin gets unrecognized , the insulin resistance diseases may grow.

People used to eat unrefined oil before , they were more healthy than modern people. Diabetes is a disease in every home today.

People do not know which oil to use. They don't find non-refined virgin oils in market , because the pot life or shelf life of virgin oil is short , no more than 6 month. Where as refined oil is like plastic, never spoiling, ever lasting. So there is no solution in near future of this refined oil problem.

Whoever can manage get the simply mill pressed oil for cooking.

EXAMPLE: One of my friends sister, age 45 . She had cancer of one leg . The leg amputated. The doctor said do not give refined market oil. Since then the husband a government officer , buying mustard seeds and milling and using the oil for cooking.

There are lot of bad name of the mustard oil. Some country even go forward and band it. But at least these fats does not grow diabetes.

EXAMPLE: FEMALE age 47. Knee pain. One of her doctor said apply mustard oil massage. She said if massage is good , why don't I eat that. She started cooking by mustard oil . Last six month is free from knee pain.

Refer DR.BUDWIG Protocol . Learn about dangers of refined fats. The good about unrefined fats.


At least eat some good oil like unrefined flax seed oil 1 tea spoon daily with salads or curd mix. This will at least some good supply of good fat in the body.

Flax seed oil have 60 % omega three in it. It helps clear constipation and helpful for cancer patients.

Good unrefined oil is very helpful for cancer patients. Bad fats helps causing tumor in the body.

Unrefined sesame seed oil is very good. It contains IP6 , inocitol hexaphosphate or phytic acid. It tastes little bitter. But good for health and equally laxative.

Then the refined flour. It has got no fiber and many products are leeched for good colors. Fiber less carbohydrate is poor food. Flour of wheat have gluten. Many people are sensitive to gluten and grow digestive tract diseases, celiac diseases.

Refined sugar very poor in nutrition. Its a dangerous food. Addiction to sweet and sugar food is a problem. Its highly acidic stuff. By all means one must stop using refined sugar. It causes many diseases, including diabetes.

Refined oil, carb, sugar all contribute to diabetes. Avoid all these refined non-foods to save your health. Use non refined oil, flour, rice etc.

Rice rice better than white rice.

Virgin cold press oil is safer and healthier.

Do not listen to propaganda. Investigate your self.

Powder milk is another trouble. Its a food for tumor. And help to grow tumor. It causes serious constipation to babies.Feed the babies breast milk not the formula or powder milk. If barest milk stops suddenly , seek a homeopaths advice. It helps to flow again.

The condense milk is not a milk. Gout patients have very bad consequence with condense milk. Avoid that. Powder milk , mixed with oil causes lots of uric acid. Damaging to kidney health.

You need to be smart to keep up your health. The new products are look polished, refined attractive but is it good for your health. think before you eat.

Soda drinks are another sugar laden danger. Try to avoid this all the way. Some patients used these cold soft drinks and suffered kidney damages and have to go on dialysis. The soft drink diabetes is very interesting. Sugar is very high in blood but no frequent desire to urine.

Take care your own health. Educate yourself to save your health.

Smoking and drinking so bad for health , but still people are attracted for this. They are not responsible to their own health. How can they be responsible to someone else? The attraction to smoking and alcohol is self destruction. Its syphilitic miasm. Can be treated through homeopathy.

There is a medicne called CALDIUM SEGINUM , helps remove tobacco cravings. Take your homeopaths advice. to fight tobacco cravings.

Margarine was advertised as cholesterol free butter. But people did not know this is worst than butter. The vegetable oil when hydrogenated , it turns like butter. This hydrogenated butter is trans-fat, which is a bad to health.

Rice is half sugar . It is more dangerous than saturated fats. Saturated fats are also bad.

Sedentary refined life style in air condition is another problem . Air condition car and air condition office and air condition home , no chance for sweating. This refined life style will grow toxins in the blood. Sweat a while every day for good health. Bon voyage

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